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Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary


Nandur Madhmeshwar bird sanctuary is a heaven for bird lovers which were established in the year 1950. This sanctuary is situated just 40 kms away from Nashik in Niphad Tehsil of Western Maharashtra. Nandur Madhmeshwar Lake serves as a reservoir for water coming from the Darana and Gandapur dams which is further channeled through canals for the irrigation purpose. Every year, a huge amount of silts and organic matter accumulated in the lake, which is carried away with the water flow. This process leads to the buildup of shallow water ponds and small islands in the Nandur Madhmeshwar bird sanctuary. The aquatic vegetation in Nandur Madhameshwar bird sanctuary has been established because of the biological enriched conditions. This place has been called as Bharatpur of Maharashtra, because of these diversities.

Features: The area is thickly cultivated with wheat, jowar, vegetables and sugarcane. Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary is a hub for thousands of beautiful migratory and resident birds. The surroundings of this sanctuary have many temples. The reservoir filled with water creates a panoramic view and it’s amazing fauna entertain the tourists throughout the year.

Boat Club, Gangapur Road

The Government of Maharashtra’s Tourism department wanted an iconic pavilion which would resemble the boating activity to be carried out at the proposed Boat Club at Gangapur Dam, Nashik, a pilgrimage city & a tourist destination. Due to the want for an iconic structure, it was important to draw a connection between the structure’s physical form and the boating activity in order to be able to relate the form to the function of the pavilion. Thus, keeping in mind the physical features of a boat, the building was designed on the lines of the basic three components of a ship i.e. the Anchor, the Sails and its overall Form. Though the form of the pavilion, on a whole, resembles that of a boat, the three steel columns at the water end of the structure represent the anchor of a boat. The ascending and overlapping perforated metal louvers depict the sails inflated by the wind as seen in olden day’s ships. Also there are series of two steel columns rows, out of which one column supports the inclined roof,which creates the floating effect with the help of pin joints in between column &inclined trusses of roof. As visitors walk around in the pavilion building, the large expanse of perforated metal louvers provide picturesque views of the dam water, integrating the landscape with the boating experience.